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вторник, 12 април 2011 г.

Любими мелодии

Всичко, което заместваше турските сериали на любимата ми леля в петъчната вечер.
01. Rains tears - orch. Caravelli
02. From the film A special lesson - orch. A.Yamamoto
03. From the film The godfather - orch. Paul Mauriat
04. I come back to look for you Je reviens te chercher - orch. Caravelli
05. From the film The Countess from Hong-Kong - orch. Frank Pourcel
06. My music - orch. Frank Pourcel
07. Is this the way for Amarilo - orch. Peter Dean
08. Love story - orch. Paul Mauriat
09. Song for you - orch. Caravelli
10. The love of Romeo and Juliet - orch. R. Oldrige
11. From the film A man and a woman - orch. Caravelli
12. From the film The umbrellas of Cherbourg - orch. Paul Mauriat
13. What will be - orch. Paul Mauriat
14. About a flirtation Pour un flirt - orch. Raym. Lefevre
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